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Collin Scherba, a Colorado native, has sought adventure his whole life. Living in the mountains of Colorado, He has prospected for crystals, gemstones, and precious metals since he was a child. Early on, he recognized his entrepreneurial spirit, selling essential oils, minerals, and crystals before the dawn of the internet age. Collin developed relationships with wholesalers and suppliers and has access to quality materials around the world.


He has developed a taste for quality, and began to pursue his craft as a lapidary, one who cuts and polishes gemstones. After perfecting his craft of cutting stones, he displayed and sold intricate stone sculptures at art shows in various towns and cities in Colorado and Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Learning from world-class jewelers, and teaching himself, Collin became sought after for his unique creations.


His jewelry captures the ancient symbolism and cultures so deeply rooted in Collin’s native Colorado. To Collin, it’s not just jewelry--it’s art.


His artistic talents have been featured in fine, locally owned jewelry stores throughout Colorado,including many popular ski towns, and New Mexico and has been displayed at the Denver International Airport Exhibition. Today Collin accepts commissions to create custom pieces for private collections and sells his jewelry online.


Collin Scherba and his family reside on the Western Slope of Colorado, enjoying all it has to offer.

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